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Tue Aug 23, 2011, 6:04 PM
Thu Aug 11, 2011, 6:46 AM
needs more me and less guzu >:Cc
Mon Jun 7, 2010, 7:46 AM
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Thu Jun 3, 2010, 7:06 AM
Sun Mar 21, 2010, 8:56 AM

Money for Artists (Worths mention)

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 12:05 AM


I think this website really worths mention. The site idea goes like this. You are an artist, you have fans, they have a chance to pay you (even a small amount) every time you add new content (or every month, their choice).

If the artist has enough fans, he would have a chance to dedicate more time releasing content than fighting with life. Some might even have a chance to quit a boring job and dedicate time to making content they enjoy!

The idea seems new and not many are out there, but I hope it gets better and more people start helping making it success. 

Also, if you try it, please share your experience out there. I think that success stories are equally important as failure stories, so share all! :thumbsup:

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guzu ligo
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Favourite genre of music: Orchestra
Favourite style of art: anime


If you don't flash, or you want to make flash comics quickly, this tool is for you!

All you have to do is to click on [Import Images] and choose all of your comic images.
Then, click on [Export SWF] and you'll get your SWF flash comic :thumbsup:

Things to consider:

-Images ordered alphabetically
-Maximum image width: 700 pixle
-Maximum image height: 500 pixle
-Some images make it crash (let me know if you face this)
-Compress your images. It is memory hungry.


11/24/2014 V1.02: Expanded hashtag library to have new features
-#img and #snd
-Now you can have .txt file to reuse a previous image.
 if you have file named page01.jpg, you can do following
 "page05#img page01.txt" This will display page01.jpg
 Note that the image file name is written without its hashtags or its extension
 also, you can use page05#snd page01.txt to play previous sounds

-#res for resources:
 this will make your file as a resource and will only show if you use .txt to show it.

-#skip for skipping:
 This can be used to directly go to next page. This is meant to be used with #fix to help keep background images.
Also, #skip30 could be used to wait 30 frames before skipping to next page.
Note that using skip will not cancel sound if there is a sound playing.
11/14/2014 V1.01d:Fixed bug where screen shows blank for one frame
11/07/2014 V1.01c:
-Added hashtag engine. At the end of the file name, you can use these examples for now:
File01#FIX1.jpg the #FIX1 will make the image stay one extra frame when you press next
File02#0,-10.jpg the #0,-10 will offset the position of the image 10 up.
File03#0,0,100,0,50,50.jpg This is a bit complicated for animation. Image will move from (100,0) to (0,0) in 50 frames using ease 50.
-Images can now transparent background.
11/01/2014 V1.01b: Loader fixed.
10/31/2014 V1.01: Sound will work if you upload an MP3 file same name as image file.
I found out that MediaFire does exactly the same thing, but with more complications and advanced tools.
Professor Amanda and Xenocrates by guzu
Professor Amanda and Xenocrates
For :iconreboot-oct:

Rushed 8(

Prof Amanda Audition by guzu

More info:



A very proud scientist. She has a lot stored in her brain about many science fields. Mainly: Physics, Math, Chemistry, Computer, and even some Psychology.
She usually asks a lot of questions to herself and others. This could make people not feel comfortable around her. It is a habit of her but, she tries to avoid scaring people. But she find questioning a very good tool for discovery. Also, she love playing a detective, and detectives ask a lot of questions.

She usually talks to everyone like he is an old friend. Yet, she is very careful as well. You'd find her talking normally and suddenly she goes in a scary silence, which could mean she noticed something.

In normal cases, she'd look like she is a very brave person and nothing scares her. Yet, if she feels threatened, she'd look like a weak girl. She might even start shaking and get paralysed out of fear.


She has never seen an AI that has feelings. Although she is capable of making a fighting robot from A to Z, the AI that looks human is something very new to her. She even denies that such thing could exist. All she approves is that a human feeling simulation could be made, but it can never be even 0.1% as the real thing.



Armour made of Titanium while the rest made of mostly Aluminium and Steel (And cotton as well 8D). It is a very powerful war machine and could break almost anything with its powerful hands. Hands could auto replace using the inventory and become: drill, gun, etc..


AI could make it understand people to some extent, even understand the feelings sometimes. Yet, it is only a program and could fail to analyse the feeling or even the commands given, making the AI not really that dependable, yet it is very acceptable. Amanda would find the other robots a good thing to start researching.


It is always hovering when it is moving. But, it stands on the ground when not moving, especially when Amanda needs to work on it. Also, the new version has a very good maneuvering capabilities. It can do a sudden dash that could make it look like it is disappearing and reappearing in a different place. Also, it could reach very high speeds. Amanda haven't tested the speed limits much, and the device is going through constant upgrades, but it could go into a the speed of missiles (Not recommended as the crash might destroy it).


When in combat mode, Amanda could tell it the level of damage it could cause. It is normally not in killing mode as Amanda is not a person who kills people. So it wouldn't use lasers, drills or even strong blows against humans/human-likes. The punches would get adjusted to give people non-fatal hits. Of course it would try to break an armour using laser and drills if required.

Yet, if Amanda really felt that she'd be murdered , no one knows what she'd ask Xenocrates to do, not even herself. When Xenocrates is in free killing mode, it would destroy everything avoiding only his owner. Of course Amanda could give a command of destroying only one being, but that depends on her state and weather she is thinking straight or losing to fear.

Xenocrates also is programmed to do some similar to martial artistic moves. It knows how to block blows by its hands. The eyes can see everything in slow motion allowing it to theoretically avoid any hit. Yet, that doesn't apply to the rear camera, making attacks from behind difficult to avoid. Rear camera's are useful to avoid snipers as they could see from veeeery far. 


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